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21st - 24th July | Gloucestershire

A Festival for Food, Land and Climate Justice

Building the movement by sharing celebration, wisdom and
skills in activism, farming, forestry, food & land



At its heart, the Land Skills Fair is a multigenerational and multicultural skill and knowledge exchange that aims to provide a safe space for everyone to learn from each other and explore different land-based topics and practices.

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The event is member-led, with the majority of the skills, workshops and talks being offered through members of The Landworker's Alliance, Land In Our Names, FLAME and our other partner unions and organisations. 

Over the weekend, expect an awesome medley of workshops, talks, activities, music and of course delicious food and drink. We see the Land Skills Fair as an opportunity to build the Food and Land Justice movement through a diverse, celebratory and creative space.

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The Landworkers’ Alliance is a union of farmers, growers, foresters and land-based workers. Our mission is to improve the livelihoods of our members and create a better food and land-use system for everyone.



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Local & Green

The event aims to raise awareness around climate change and seeks to be as sustainable as possible. The entire event will be powered by solar and other renewables with no fuel or generators onsite! 

Supporting local businesses and producers is central to what we do at the LWA. All produce on site at the Land Skills Fair will be certified organic and sourced as locally as possible.

Education & Exchange

The Land Skills Fair aims to raise awareness around sustainable food and land-use systems, offering hands-on and academic education, through workshops, talks, traditional craft and practical skills. Our core ethos is centred around sharing knowledge and exchanging skills.

Celebration & Community Building

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Radical change

People are the lifeblood of our movement. We want the Land Skills Fair to be a place where we can strengthen community and build opportunities for connection. We cannot create our vision of a thriving, abundant food system founded on equality and collaboration, without coming together and sharing moments of creativity, joy and celebration.

This is an intersectional space for young people, agricultural workers, small local businesses, elders, artists and wisdom keepers to gather and learn and create together. We believe that diversity is key in facilitating the radical change necessary to create a better future for everyone. The Land Skills Fair aims to create a safe and celebratory space for change-makers to skill up and rejoice in building a creative, holistic, multidisciplinary and multicultural movement for a fairer food and land system.



We have a selection of tickets on offer to ensure that the event is as accessible as possible for all. 


Member tickets:

Members and supporters of LWA, LION and FLAME will be offered a range of reduced ticket options. There are a limited number of reduced member tickets available on a first come first served basis. We have the following ticket options for members/supporters: 


LWA:  Supported £95, Low Income £65, Pay it forward £110

FLAME:  Low Income £65, Supported £95

BPOC: Supported £95, Low Income £65, Pay it forward £110


​General tickets 


General ticket first release:  £120

Pay by instalments general ticket: 130 


BPOC Tickets: Supported £95, Low Income £65, Pay it forward £110


The LWA is partnering with LION (Land In Our Names) to organise the Land Skills Fair. As part of the work to build an accessible and diverse movement, we are offering reduced cost tickets to all attendees who are BPOC (black or people of colour). BPOC LWA Members are welcome to purchase either the Member tickets or BPOC tickets.

Bursary tickets: 

We have a limited number of partially and fully supported bursary tickets available. 


Full bursary ticket: (For members and non members) If you would like to attend the event but are unable to pay, you can apply for a full bursary ticket by filling out this form


Partial Bursary (for non LWA members only): 

If you are on a low income and would like to apply to have your land skills fair ticket payment supported by the Landworkers Alliance. Please fill out this form 



Locals only day tickets

If you are local and interested in coming for the day, we have a limited number of day tickets available, just fill in this form.

Youth and children's tickets: 

Children under the age of 14 are free. If you are a young person (aged 16-25) and are interested in joining FLAME (the youth branch of LWA) there are discounted tickets listed above.

Vehicle passes:

Due to site requirements and to reduce our carbon footprint, the amount of vehicles allowed on site will be extremely limited. You will need to book a pass for your vehicle or arrange another way of getting to the event.


Parking and live-in vehicle passes are available through the ticket page.



We rely on an incredible team of volunteers to put on the show; without you it would not be possible! If you volunteer with us, you will get free access to the festival, and meals whilst on shift. If you’d like to volunteer for this year’s event, fill in this form.

Programme Contributions

Calling all artists, makers, organisers, out-of-the-box thinkers, builders, communicators, writers, poets, singers, workshop leaders, healers, growers, foresters! If you would like to contribute to our programme, fill in this form.

Food Vendors

We’re looking for some delicious vendors to join our menu of culinary delights. All produce has to be certified organic, by requirement of the venue owner. We also have very limited power supply so we'd prefer self-sufficient vendors if possible! If you’d like to join us this year, fill out this form.

We have a selection of tickets on offer to ensure that the event is as accessible as possible for all. We also offer reduced tickets to paying members and supporters of LWA, FLAME and LION. 


Due to site requirements and to reduce our carbon footprint, the amount of vehicles allowed on site will be extremely limited. Vehicle passes will be necessary: parking and live-in vehicle passes are available here.


If you are a local who are interested in coming for the day, please email


We also have a limited number of full bursary tickets available. To see if you are eligible, get in touch with us

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“The land is not ours. It belongs to the future and we should leave it in good heart”.


Abbey Home Farm is home to several organic enterprises, including a variety of livestock, 300 hectares of cereal and 6 hectares of vegetables, soft fruit, herbs and flowers. The farm also has an onsite butchery and dairy processing unit. Abbey Home Farm believes farms are for feeding the local population.


It’s important to us to work with partners whose ethos aligns with ours. Abbey Home Farm believes in looking after the land for future generations, growing quality produce, supporting the local economy and creating fair opportunities for agricultural workers. 


They will be contributing some amazing farm tours and skill exchanges throughout the weekend!




Abbey Home farm is just outside Cirencester, in Gloucester. The address is:

Abbey Home Farm, Burford Road, Cirencester, GL7 5HF 


Due to site requirements and to reduce our carbon footprint, the amount of vehicles allowed on site will be extremely limited. Vehicle passes will be necessary: you can buy these in the ticket section on the website.


We encourage you to car share as much as possible and make use of public transport. 


4 nights camping is included in the ticket cost. The campsite is beautiful with plenty of space and a stunning view, just a short walk from the main arena and farm shop. There will be toilets within the main campsite as well as the main arena and showers located near the main farm shop. 

By Car


The festival is just outside Cirencester and will be accessible along Burford Road, the B4425. The car park entrance will be clearly marked with a sign. 


Please be aware that there are a limited number of car park tickets and you have to have a car park ticket to enter the site. You can buy a car pass here


As there are a limited number of car park tickets, we strongly advise lift sharing. Use the following groups / sites to coordinate lifts:


Bla Bla Car

Lift Share

South West & Bristol

liftshare FB group

Lift pool between Brighton

& Bristol

Lift share, Bristol &



By Train


Hourly trains run regularly from Bristol and London Paddington to Kemble train station.  


A handful of shuttle buses will be running to and from the festival from Kemble train station. These will cost £5 per trip.


Coach timings: to be confirmed very soon.

(Site closes Monday (12pm) midday)


Be aware that if you miss the last bus, we cannot offer alternative arrangements: you’ll have to get a taxi.


You can get a taxi from Kemble train station to the festival for around £15-20. Here are a selection of local taxi companies:

Taxi 247


Reliance Taxis

T: 01285 640 950

M: 077 877 906 44

Smart Taxi

01285 270 270

First Taxi

01285 407407

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