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Accessibility at LSF 2023

After your feedback last year, we have done a lot of thinking on how we can improve our Accessibility Policy at the Land Skills Fair. Even though we are still running low on capacity, we have outlined the policy into three categories: ‘what we can do’, ‘what we are trying to do’, and ‘what we can’t do’. We recognise this is just a small step towards creating a more accessible event, and we’re hoping that if we can scale up the event in the future, we can keep improving this work over time. 


We are offering discounted tickets for folks with accessibility needs - they are priced at £125 and available on our ticket page now.

If you have accessibility needs and would like to bring a carer or support worker to the event, we can offer them a free ticket. To organise one of these tickets, please contact either:

Bella -


Brigite - 

What we can do: 


Uneven ground and mobility access to site (including the woody area): 

  • We will be able to smooth the paths as much as possible by filling in holes and moving brash away. We will be able to make signs on the path and ensure the path is well lit to help those that are walking along it and make it easier for pushchairs. Unfortunately we will not be able to make the woodland area accessible for wheelchairs or people with more severe mobility issues. This applies to the whole site. 

  • For mobility / wheelchair access, we will try to make sure the main arena is as accessible as possible, with easy access from the mobility camping area to the main arena. 

  • We will make sure there are wheelchair accessible toilets on the main site and near to the mobility access camping area with a key code given only to those in need.

  • We will also provide a free ticket for someone to come and support you  

  • Unfortunately we can not provide access to showers for people with mobility needs due to limitations of being an off grid solar powered event as well as the venue limitations. 


Preferential seating for accessibility needs. We will brief the volunteers and stage managers to reserve 5 seats at the front of each of the main talks spaces to be kept for people with mobility or any other accessibility needs.  


ALL speakers to be reminded of difference of mind and people’s accessibility needs:

  • This has been included in the contributors’ pack and volunteers will also be briefed on reminding speakers in each session

  • To state where workshop is pitched at (entry, intermediate or advanced level)

  • Speakers to describe in description of their session how they will present: oral style, visual style, etc. 


Making it clear through ticket and website what options are available for disabled people: 

  • Update the website with details about accessibility policy.

  • Update ticket page with step by step for how to book accessibility tickets for support workers. 


Discounted ticket option for those with accessibility needs plus free ticket for carers/support workers. 


Bigger Signs for water points 

Briefing stewards and stage managers to help people with access needs: 

  • Ensuring stewards play a role in asking people to keep quiet around the edge of the tent when talks are taking place

  • Reserving spaces at the front for accessibility needs. 

  • Briefing the speakers to remind them how to make their talk inclusive

  • Let people with accessibility know where they can go to discuss needs/concerns if needed (Navigate space)

  • Keeping a general eye to make sure that those in the front seats are being catered for 


Stagger workshop start times so more time to get to the loo or have a break / get to the next workshop

  • We will be creating longer breaks between sessions this year to give more spaciousness around talks/workshops and allow people more time to get to each workshop without feeling rushed. 


More lighting on the pathways: we will be providing more festoon along the pathways in the woodland and camping area this year, We have more than doubled our capacity for lighting. 



What we are working towards trying to do this year (not confirmed): 


Disability / unconsciously biassed talk at the fair:

  •  What is going on with our own psychology in a non blaming way: leaving the audience understanding using rights of law to support them and their needs.

Asking people to communicate what they need in terms of diet ahead of the event to ensure we have options to suit everyone's needs:

  • Unfortunately we can't do this this year but we will make sure there is a much bigger variety of options on offer. 


Affordable Food:


  • It is extremely challenging to make locally sourced organic food cheap whilst still covering the costs for our traders and community kitchen.  We will be offering most meals at a similar price to last year (£7.50 - £10.00). However We will also be introducing a daily one pot meal at the community kitchen to ensure there is always a hot meal option available for £5. 


Providing more detailed descriptions of the sessions:

  • We are aiming to create an online pdf document with more information about each session. 


Dyslexic / accessible fonts:

  • We can’t change the fonts of the signs around the site, but we are hoping to use accessible fonts in our programme.  


What we can’t do for now


A really quiet camping area without kids


  • (due to limitations of the site).

Separating the craft  area further from where people are giving talks so that you don't have the noise from the other workshops 

Backup presenters who are free on the day if people back out (not going to be possible)

Provide an overview of disability models ahead of the Fair for speakers:


  • Something we would love to do in the future, with the support of a professional accessibility officer)

Circus acts not near the talks: unfortunately due to the limitations of the site this will not be possible this year. 

Access to showers for mobility needs:

  • Unfortunately we can not provide access to showers for people with mobility needs due to limitations of being an off grid solar powered event as well as the venue limitations.

Create a low sensory environment in talks tents:

  • Unfortunately due to the limitations of the site, this will not be possible this year.  For example we are aware in some spaces there is too much light and sound for those sensitive to sensory information. 

Recording sessions so they can be rewatched later on:

  • Unfortunately due to being a small team with limited budget and resources as well as being an off grid low tech and solar powered event this will not be possible this year. 

Could an LWA accessibility working group be created to take this work on in the future? 

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